About Me

Oana Hanganu

I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years and worked with hundreds of people from various cultures, various fields of activity with different backgrounds and aspirations.

I have been a perfectionist for many years thinking that it was a good thing and driving myself towards achievement. I realized that to be your best at something is much more than wanting to be perfect. In fact who /what is perfect?

I have transformed myself several times in these 20 years and I am always open to expand my limits and grow.

Back when I started as an entrepreneur having a communist style of education and being exposed to western business environment I had to catch up quickly, adapt and develop my skills through work, study in business and English language and through practicing and managing my businesses. Got certifications TOEFL, GRE followed by an EMBA.

Later I felt I needed to use my extensive life and business experience and insight gained by working with so many people.

I have come across NLP and Coaching and finally Strategic Intervention Coaching at Antony Robbins-Cloe Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching Training and got all my certifications as a Coach, NLP Practitioner and SI Coach and Marriage Educator.

I have been refining my coaching skills with clients that live around the world as well as locally and I now blend my past expertise and knowledge with the art of coaching.

As for my personal life, I am an open person have lots of friends and acquaintances build relationships with people very easily and I like to help people. I have found Mr. Right and kept him for 25 years, we had our ups and downs as everybody, but isn’t it what life is all about?

Oana Hanganu

Relationship and Business Coach


Oana was a jewel in bringing out the best in me…. She allowed me to see what I really wanted and encouraged me to make a step by step business plan which I hesitated for years.

Now that it is all on paper I know exactly what to do……no matter if I change direction or find something better in the future the short term and the long term goal are set on a base now. Nothing stays forever but Oana taught me how to look for solutions.

I highly recommend considering her no matter where you are in the world; Oana speaks fluent English and is familiar with many countries and their cultures.

A multi task woman trained by Anthony Robbins, one of the most successful business people in the world, talk to her and you will see that she is a treasure when it comes to business planning.

V. Kimmich , Australia 2013

Hi Oana! My breakthrough on “I’m being perfect” is still working and I have made HUGE progress since! Thank you again for your time! It was awsome! I am so in love with life since. Just wanted to let you know – Britta

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others”.

- Ayn Rand