Business Coaching and Mentoring


Business people / entrepreneurs

Whether you want to improve your own communication with your team members or resolve the communication issues inside your team, this is the right service for you. Our service can be tailored to suit your needs.

You were unhappy with your job and thought you will be happy when you will be the boss, only to find out that there are other new challenges that you had not anticipated.


How to get past the “drama” of internal office conflicts and concentrate on work?

How do I get back on track after hard times?

How do I grow my business, or should I?

When is the right time to make a strategic move?

What should be my next step?

What if I fail?

These and many more are questions that make you focus constantly on different problems that stress you daily and distract you from your purpose.

I will accompany you in setting your goals, having a plan, achieving your goals.


The Business and mentoring coaching sessions  are designed to suit individuals as well as groups working together inside companies.

By using specific Strategic Intervention methods we concentrate on resolving conflicts inside teams, improving communication and improving work relationships between employees, between employees and managers, or between managers.

Companies can choose to have coaching sessions for individual employees or teams or can choose to custom design workshops that addresses the resolution of problems they are facing.

Workshops upon demand for companies are designed to use Strategic Intervention principles:

to improve communication between employees and between management and their teams
to help people understand each other better
to help resolve conflicts inside teams that usually reflect in the quality of the work
to help growth both at personal level and together with the team and as a team

Our standard business coaching  and mentoring offer includes coaching/mentoring sessions with me personally

  • 6 hour Business Coaching / Mentoring sessions pack (the 6 sessions will be scheduled every week for 6 weeks or according to the client’s need and request)
  • 10 hour Business Coaching/Mentoring sessions pack (the 10 sessions will be scheduled every week for 10 weeks or according to the client’s need and request)
  • Ongoing Business Coaching/Mentoring sessions pack –  Monthly meetings for 6 months or 1 year.

Workshops are on demand and can be tailored according to the company need only after initial discussion and assessment of the company needs and goals.

“Small opportunities are often the beginnings of great enterprises.”

- Demosthenes