relationships-pageImproving our professional skills always comes first; what about our personal inner skills?

Are you really fulfilled?

Do you feel truly happy?

Do you think you deserve more in your personal life?

When is a good time to start?


During our life and relationship coaching sessions you can address areas of your life that are most sensitive to you, and that are constantly found at the bottom of your priority list.

You can choose to work on improving your current relationship with your partner, your children, your friends or other family members, resolve conflicts or get unstuck.

You may wish to find your partner the second, third or whatever time around, or maybe want to work on getting over your ex and let go of the past. I will accompany you and help you achieve all your goals.

The coaching sessions are designed to suit your needs, you can choose from 3 different types of offers, or we can tailor your own package upon request.

Our coaching offer includes personal transformation and relationship coaching sessions with me personally

  • 1 hour individual sessions – (1 session is 1 hour)
  • 5 hour coaching sessions pack (the 5 sessions will be scheduled every week for 5 weeks)
  • 10 hour coaching sessions pack (the 10 sessions will be scheduled every week for 10 weeks)

First time clients are offered a 30 minute free opening session.